Wikipedia article of the day for February 23, 2018

The Wikipedia article of the day for February 23, 2018 is A Cure for Pokeritis.
A Cure for Pokeritis is an American short silent film starring John Bunny and Flora Finch, released on February 23, 1912. A domestic comedy, it depicts a woman who stops her husband’s gambling habit by having her cousin stage a fake police raid on his weekly poker game. It was one of many shorts produced by Vitagraph Studios, whose popularity made Bunny and Finch early film stars. Although its style of humor is dated, it is a historically important representative of its period and genre. The film was an early example of efforts to move beyond the conventions of stage plays: during the police raid, action took place in both the foreground and the background, with the actors moving between them. This cinematography technique improved the realism and pacing of the scene. A Cure for Pokeritis may be the first depiction of poker in film. Like Cassius Marcellus Coolidge’s Dogs Playing Poker paintings, it reflects the early 20th-century perception of the game as a male-dominated social vice.



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