MOST DANGEROUS Roads You Want to Avoid

From remote highways that stretch across many countries, to dangerous streets of detroit, here are the most dangerous roads you want to avoid. Subscribe to American Eye 7. Pan American Highway, Costa Rica 6. Overseas Highway, Florida 5. Most Roads in China This isn’t trying to come off as stereotypical or anything but China is still a growing country and the personal automobile is still somewhat of a new luxury. Let’s just remember that China has over a billion people but only 30 percent own cars. That’s still 300,000,000 people on streets that are not always properly maintained, don’t always have traffic lights and 700 million people who have to try to stay out of the way. Remember, a lot of those cars are big semi trucks, transporting things such as coal or other goods. Here in this photo we a car carrier, barely clinging on to a cliffside in guangdong china. It went over the median and a dramatic rescue had to take place. There are quite a few challenges of driving in the world’s most populous country. Some mega highways here have as many as 50 lanes! And still the streets get quite congested like you can see in this photo. Car’s can often come to a complete standstill for hours on end. This guy here even has time to do push ups in the middle of the street while cars are immobile. It almost seems like a tail party in the middle of a freeway! 4. Ice Road Truckers These are no ordinary truckers. They’re the ones who take the chance of driving in some of the most inhospitable conditions on earth. Places like the Northwestern territories of Canada, Alaska and Siberia. They willingly drive their massive big rigs over frozen lakes, that can cave in at any time, which could result in freezing to death. Not to mention the massive snowstorms that are nearly impossible to see through. People who enjoy this job like a good challenge, but many won’t make it past a couple of days. For many who drive on the frozen lake ice, it’s not a matter of if they’ll sink, more of a matter of when. 3. 8 Mile Road Everyone knows that the city of Detroit, Michigan has been going through a rough time and many have fled their homes after the automobile business began to suffer from a financial crisis. And that’s right, this is the same street the rapper eminem grew up on. Detroit is the capital of arson and one of it’s biggest streets is certainly dangerous. This might not be a highway but it’s one of the roughest streets in North America. Located in the heart of Detroit, 8 mile was originally a dirt road that gradually expanded, got bigger and was eventually paved. For decades, Eight mile road has been a dangerous strip of abandoned buildings, struggling businesses, and crime activity. It’s not uncommon to find people wandering this street who are up to no good. Many report trying to walk here late at night and find themselves getting mugged. This shouldn’t really be considered a scenic drive by any means and finding yourself here late at night, could be a death wish 2. 318 National Highway Imagine getting on this remote road and having your car break down in the middle of the himalayan mountains. You better hope you watched some of our survival videos or you’d be in big trouble. This China National highway runs all the way from Shanghai to Zhangmu which is found on the border of Nepal and china. So it’s a really big street and it’s in china, which makes it pretty dangerous. It’s well known for its sharp curves and steep inclines which motorists attempt to maneuver their way through. One infamous stretch of road would almost make you think the engineer who came up with this was slightly drunk or something. In this photo, we see the part of the mountain drive as motorists get close to Nepal where there are sharp blind curves will challenge even the most experienced motorists. It’s not uncommon for this road to experience snow or landslides 1.I-15 Los Angeles to Las Vegas Roughly 8 million people drive back and forth from Las Vegas to Los Angeles each year and it’s also one of the most dangerous roads in the country. Possibly the most. AAA stated that this 180 mile stretch of land has had more fatalities than anywhere in Nevada. Much of this drive is quite remote in the middle of the mojave desert with only a few places every now and then to stop for gas. AAA also stated that many of the accidents that occured along this big stretch of freeway was from distracted driver or drivers who were drinking. You should also keep in mind that many people taking this drive from vegas may be hungover from whatever they did in the morning and may not be in the best condition to drive. There were over 180 fatalities within a 5 period span along this highway but hopefully things will get better as new lanes are added.



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