11 Possible Cases of Time Travel

From a possible newly discovered time traveler, to the infamous time traveling hipster, these are 11 Possible Cases of TIME TRAVEL ! Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 6. The Man from Taured In 1954 a man who could speak French as his first language and Japanese as his 2nd language arrived at Tokyo International Airport. When he handed off his passport to be stamped, it shocked the Japanese officials. The passport looked as if it were real but with one strange twist: it said he was from a country that didn’t exist, called Taured. When the authorities didn’t understand they made him point to a map and he pointed to the small nation of Andorra between France and Spain. He claimed to have never heard of Andorra before and it was even stranger that his passport was covered in Visa stamps which showed he went to Japan and many other countries before with that passport. The officials were really sure what to do and they decided to keep him in a hotel with guards outside his door until they figured out what to do. 5. Wall Street Millionaire We’re sure if you had the ability to go back in time, a lot of you would decide to invest in some companies that are bringing in the dough now or bet on the teams you know who won the superbowl and what not to become rich! That almost seems to be the case with Andrew Carissin, who was eventually detained by police for insider stock trading! Over a two week period Andrew took 800 bucks and turned in into 350 million! No one believed something like that could be possible, unless you had the ability to travel back in time! The cops asked him why and how he did this and his answer was shocking! He claimed that he travelled from the year 2256 and knew how the stocks would perform! In case you just sort of thought that sounded like a sarcastic answer, he correctly predicted the date of the US invasion of Iraq. The then disappeared off the face of the planet. 4. Night of Long Knives This photo here was taken in 1934, at a Nazi rally right before an important incident in history took place. This was the Night of long Knives, where Hitler ordered the killing of 85 political figures and this night would eventually lead to the rise of the Nazi party The man circled in the photo certainly seems a tad out of place. Could he have had something to do with the conspiring to kill the political leaders and put hitler in power? Was he possibly time traveling to possibly put an end to this event? Who knows! 3. Woman on Mobile Phone 1938 A video of a woman putting her hand to her ear never really got too much attention at first, but later on in 2013, people began to realize that maybe she was talking on a phone.. But hold on! This video was taken in 1938 of a group of women walking out a DuPont factory in Massachusetts! You clearly see in this clip that no one is talking to her, and the only person next to her is completely looking the other way! There’s also something in her hand! What could it be!? Some claim it was a listening device, but that wouldn’t generally be used by someone at this age. There were no cell phone towers back then so it’s really hard to say exactly what happened here. Maybe it was some type of recording device and she was making an entry about her experience that day? Seems like people are so hooked on their phone nowadays, they’ll even get caught time travelling because of it! 2. Charlie Chaplin’s Film Another well known sign of possible time travel, during the filming of the film called the Circus 1928, an unknown woman looks like she’s talking on the phone! As she’s walking by the striped horse or zebra mannequin, in a long black coat. It just seems to be someone you’d see every day walking down the street and talking on the phone but there’s only one catch! The first cell phone was much bigger and not invented until the 1980! The identity is difficult to determine but as you take a closer it does seem to take some rectangular shape to it. What were these devices used for if it wasn’t a phone! What does this woman know about time travel? Only she knows the true answer 1.Time Travelling Mummy A mummy was discovered high up in the Altai mountains of Mongolia that’s raised many questions about whether time travel is possible or not. A large amount of items were found including iron kettle, remains of a horse, travel bag, a saddle and most importantly her shoes! The carbon dating found the skeleton was left in the grave for 2000 years but the shoes seem rather modern! When people saw the shoes on twitter and learned about the discovery, many came together and claimed that they looked like these pair of adidas. They also claimed that no ancient shoe could have the same markings as a modern day adidas and said it must be a time traveler. Whether it was a joke or not, was unclear but the archaeologists wouldn’t respond to questions about the shoes and simply stated that there was some advanced craftsmanship that was discovered.

Source http://handbookblogger.blogspot.com/2017/08/11-possible-cases-of-time-travel.html

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