NEW UPDATE: Vatos – Compact Tortilla Machine

*** UPDATE 6/13/2016 Hello! I’d like to thank everyone again who has shown interest in our tortilla machine! Due to some newfound issues regarding production, we have been forced to place a hold on this project indefinitely. To be more specific, the original parts supplier has declined to partner with us. Due to the overwhelming response of the video (which was originally instructional), he had heard about the project from other clients before we were able to contact him. In the end, he felt were being ‘unethical’. As you know, executing a crowdfunding project like this requires planning. From funding to logistics to customer support, our intent was to confirm every detail before we made a move. Unfortunately, the parts supplier didn’t feel that way. Although there are other parts suppliers, my father has confirmed that we will not be moving forward unless the original parts supplier agrees to do so. P.S. We recently found a video of a Chinese manufacturer who replicated the machine. We’re not a part of that… buyer beware. *** UPDATE 3/13/2016*** Hello! Wanted to thank everyone again for checking out our video. As you already know, we had plans on partnering with Kickstarter to raise funds for the first round (50 units) for production. However, due to additional interest, we had to delay our fundraising objective in order to establish strategic partners. The good news is we’ll be reaching a final decision no later than March 31, 2016. Again, its extremely important we do things right and properly meet the demands of our customers which include customer support, cutting blade options, parts, i.e. Thank you for all your patience and inquires. Please email us at if you need any specific questions answered. *** UPDATE 1/9/2016 *** Happy 2016 everyone! Wanted to provide a new update with our machine and Kickstarter. We had plans on posting the project late last year but needed to confirm some sourcing issues. Now that we’ve resolved that, we’ll be posting the project very shortly. We’ll be answering all direct messages in the next few days. Your patience is appreciated. *** UPDATE 10/8/2015 *** Due to the high number of inquires for this machine, we’ve made the decision to produce the machine in volume which will satisfy all inquires and more importantly.. drastically reduce the overall unit price. To get everyone involved and up-to-date on the product, we will be raising money for the product via Kickstarter or Indiegogo. A decision to go with either platform will be made based on who approves us first. ORIGNAL POST: This badass tortilla machine is compact and made of only the highest quality American steel (Grade 304) . Because of its compact size, it can be placed in a food cart, food truck, or restaurant. Due to the high number of solicitors, all inquires must agree to the following parameters: Price per unit is $12,000 Minimum order is 10 units Price break at 25 units We will not provide specs. unless a $250 refundable deposit is made… no exceptions. If you’d like to proceed forward, please leave comment.


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