Quote of the Day

“I didn’t think; I experimented.”

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John Oliver Eviscerates Donald Trump On Behalf Of The Rest Of The World

John Oliver Eviscerates Donald Trump On Behalf Of The Rest Of The World
“Last Week Tonight” has been off for the last few weeks, but John Oliver still has a lot to say about the whole “shithole countries” thing. And if one Brit’s vitriol is any indication, so does the rest of the world.

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Wikipedia article of the day for February 20, 2018

The Wikipedia article of the day for February 20, 2018 is Maxinquaye.
Maxinquaye is the debut album by English rapper and producer Tricky (pictured), released on 20 February 1995. By the time he recorded the album, Tricky had grown frustrated with his limited role in the group Massive Attack and had discovered vocalist Martina Topley-Bird, who he felt would offer another dimension to his lyrics. He signed a solo contract with 4th & B’way Records in 1993 and recorded Maxinquaye the following year primarily at his home studio in London with Topley-Bird as the predominant vocalist. The record’s groove-oriented and low-tempo sound incorporates elements from hip hop, soul, rock, ambient techno, reggae, and experimental music. The songs explore themes of cultural decline, dysfunctional sexual relationships, fear of intimacy, and recreational drug use. In writing them, Tricky drew on his experiences in the British drug culture and the influence of his late mother Maxine Quaye, after whom the album is titled. The album has sold 500,000 copies worldwide and has ranked frequently on greatest-album lists, being viewed as a significant influence on electronica, underground, and British hip hop.

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down but not out: Word of the day for February 20, 2018

down but not out , adj :
Temporarily incapacitated but not permanently defeated.

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