Wikipedia article of the day for October 17, 2017

The Wikipedia article of the day for October 17, 2017 is Roland TR-808.
The Roland TR-808 is a drum machine introduced by the Roland Corporation in 1980. Discontinued in 1983, it remains in use around the world. Launched at a time when electronic music had yet to become mainstream, the 808 was a commercial failure, but attracted a cult following for its affordability, ease of use, and idiosyncratic sounds, particularly its deep, booming bass drum. It became a cornerstone of the emerging electronic, dance, and hip hop genres, popularized by early hits such as Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” (1982) and Afrika Bambaataa and the Soulsonic Force’s “Planet Rock” (1982). The 808 is completely analog, meaning its sounds are generated by hardware rather than prerecorded. Only around 12,000 units were built, but the 808 was eventually used on more hit records than any other drum machine. Its popularity with hip hop artists in particular has made it one of the most influential inventions in popular music, comparable to the Fender Stratocaster and its influence on rock.



Wikipedia article of the day for October 16, 2017

The Wikipedia article of the day for October 16, 2017 is Long-tailed ground roller.
The long-tailed ground roller is a bird species found in arid spiny forests near the coast of southwestern Madagascar. Requiring shade and a deep layer of leaves on the ground, it has low population densities throughout its habitat. This species of ground roller primarily relies on its strong legs, as its wings are relatively weak. It is a medium-sized bird with a plump silhouette, dark brown upperparts with black streaks, light gray underparts, a white throat framed by black malar stripes, a black breastband, and sky-blue feathers at the edge of its wings and long tail. Calls are rarely made outside of the breeding season. It feeds primarily on invertebrates, including ants, beetles, butterflies, and worms, which it finds by searching through deep leaf litter or by remaining still and watching attentively. It is classified as a vulnerable species; the forests where it lives are not protected, and it is losing habitat to slash-and-burn agriculture, charcoal collection, and logging.


Kumail Nanjiani’s ‘SNL’ Monologue Is Seven Minutes Of Super-Charming Standup

Kumail Nanjiani’s ‘SNL’ Monologue Is Seven Minutes Of Super-Charming Standup
If there’s anyone who can make a joke that starts with “Islamophobia is kind of like ‘Will and Grace'” work, it’s Kumail. No gimmicks or cameos needed.