swank: Word of the day for July 30, 2017

swank , n :
A fashionably elegant person. Ostentation; bravado. American actor and producer Hilary Swank was born on this day in 1974.

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tertiary: Word of the day for July 29, 2017

tertiary , adj :
Of third rank or order; subsequent. (chemistry) Possessing some quality in the third degree; especially having been subjected to the substitution of three atoms or radicals. (ornithology) Of quills: growing on the innermost joint of a bird’s wing; tertial.

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in silico: Word of the day for July 28, 2017

in silico , prepositional phrase :
(computing, sciences) In computer simulation or in virtual reality.

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mantelletta: Word of the day for July 26, 2017

mantelletta , n :
(Roman Catholicism) A sleeveless, knee-length vestment open at the front which is worn by Roman Catholic prelates.

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praziquantel: Word of the day for July 25, 2017

praziquantel , n :
An anthelmintic medication used to treat a number of types of parasitic worm infections, including clonorchiasis, cysticercosis, opisthorchiasis, schistosomiasis, and tapeworm infections.

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schlep: Word of the day for July 24, 2017

schlep , v :
(transitive, informal) To carry, drag, or lug. (intransitive, informal) To go, as on an errand or task. (intransitive, informal) To act in a slovenly, lazy, or sloppy manner. Isaac Bashevis Singer, the Polish-born Jewish author in Yiddish who was awarded the 1978 Nobel Prize in Literature, died on this day in 1991.

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pave the way: Word of the day for July 22, 2017

pave the way , v :
(idiomatic, often followed by for) To make future development easier.

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